Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Findings: Water Restored, Read Old Books, Stop Assigning Reading Homework, Pokemon Go, and More....

So I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but we have water problems.  The pump in our well plugs up with junk (tannin and iron), then we lose water pressure and eventually have no water.  Well, we've been losing pressure for a few months now and of course on Monday afternoon all water flow completely ceased.

Thankfully, I had a laundry weekend and most of it was caught up.  Monday night I took the kids to my dad's for a shower and a toilet.  We hauled 5-gallon pails and milk jugs of water back home.  Tuesday morning, I took a frigid polar refreshing shower from one of those 5-gallon pails.  Later Tuesday, the pump guy came and was able to restore water to the house, but not within the house.  Next up, was our water conditioning company, who afforded us a small stream of cold water, as in it took me five minutes to draw five inches of water into a pot that we had to heat on the stove to wash dishes.  Wednesday night was back to dad's for showers and a trip to the laundry mat so my baby had clean underwear.

Finally yesterday, Thursday, our water conditioning company installed a rebuilt water conditioning unit and our water was completely restored!  We were overjoyed!  The weather has been absolutely sultry here in WI this week, with temps in the 90's, but feeling like 110-degrees with the heat index.  One of the first things the boys did last night was fill the little swimming pool to splash around.  My warm (the water heater hasn't fully recovered yet) high pressure shower felt like a luxury this morning.  We are all thankful to once again have the precious gift of water at the faucet.

As you may know from other posts, I'm a huge proponent of old books.  In 3 Reasons to Read Old Books Mystie lays out three arguments for breaking out the classics.  I recommend you consider my latest read, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.  It was fabulous!

Joshua Gibbs gave some excellent points to ponder in Stop Assigning Reading Homework.  I'm not a huge homework fan anyway.  I wish more teachers would consider reading aloud to their students in class.  It's very beneficial.

Why I Don't Let My Kids Play Pokemon Go may seem radical to some.  Yeah, it's just a game, but Amanda reminds us to not let our guard down.

Whether your children are heading back to a brick and mortar school or school at your dining table, 30 Days of Prayer for the New School Year is a great post with ideas for prayer for our kiddos and the upcoming year school year.

Speaking of kids, ours had VBS this week and I'm tired.  I was assigned nine-ten preschoolers for three hours each day...YIKES!  I did have to bale out yesterday to meet with the water conditioning guy, see above story.  Hopefully, I can finish strong today.

Cave Quest is the theme and of course, the kids love crawling in and out of the cave....


  1. We just finished Cave Quest last week. I'm still tired 2 days later! I had Bible Adventures for 3-5yr olds. We had 68 preschoolers broken into 4 groups. Add my crew of 5 kids to get to VBS daily. Yep. I'm wiped.

  2. Cave Quest was great!...but yes, VBS is exhausting ;-)