Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What I Love About Beautiful Feet...

As I was browsing the 2015-2016 Beautiful Feet catalog, I realized, I've used nearly every BF guide in some shape or form.  In the past, I've used Early American Primary and Intermediate, History of California, and The Western Expansion with Riley and Ruben.  Throughout high school, I used Ancient History, Medieval History, and U.S. & Modern World with Angel.  In 5th grade, RileyAnn completed History of the Horse...then we borrowed it to my sister to use with my niece.   This past year, we completed Geography and History of Science.  We are also nearly done with Modern American & World History.  The unused exceptions are Teaching Character and History of Classical Music, of which, I have both and may use in the future.

I love the simplicity of the Beautiful Feet guides.  And, we adore the book choices!  Each and every book we've read through our BF studies has a memorable place in our hearts and minds.

Beautiful Feet encourages a Charlotte Mason education by use of living books and narration.  In addition, the guides offer Socratic questions for further discussion of each book.  Keeping a student notebook is necessary while using Beautiful Feet for recording the student's work, including maps, narrations, essays, poetry, copywork, etc.  I also love the record the notebook affords each of my students upon completion.  It's like having a scrapbook of their school year.

This fall, we'll be heading back to Ancient History and RileyAnn will be using the BF Ancient History Intermediate guide.  I'm excited for her and will be posting more specific plans over the next couple of weeks.  For now, I will suffice to say, we LOVE Beautiful Feet!


  1. We are so excited to dive into BF Medieval next month! Intermediate for most of the kids and Senior for my oldest and I. The books are sitting on our shelves begging to be read and enjoyed!

  2. I'll be interested to hear how your medieval study goes Tristan. We're contemplating the intermediate for next year.